Price Guide / Schedule

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Pricing - Includes spin and Pat's Pump

Drop in rate  $10

10 class package $80       

1 month membership without contract $40/month unlimited. MUST be cancelled prior to beginning of next month                                                                                                        

6 month membership with contract $35/month - Unlimited spin and Pat's pump 4:15pm and Saturday classes only


Class Schedule

  Instructor Minutes
6:00am Lori Trygar 45
9:00am Jennifer Hoyle 45
5:30pm Heather Caprari 50
4:15pm Pat's Pump weight class 60
5:30pm Valerie Bonner 50
7:00pm  Heather Caprari - Beginner's Class 35


Lori Trygar 50
9:00am Shannon Fawcett 45
5:30pm Karen McIntyre  50
4:15pm Pat's Pump weight class 60
5:30pm Valerie Bonner 60
7:00pm Heather Caprari - Beginner's Class 35
6:00am Jody Ferdyn 50
9:00am Tammy Freda 50
8:30am Valerie Bonner 60
10:00am Jody Ferdyn 50
11:00am Pat Barnes - Pat's Pump 60
9:00am  Jackie Lovallo/Jody Ferdyn alternating 60
12 Noon  Sean Tompkins  60


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